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Book Reviews-good or bad?

I confess, I do read amazon book reviews probably more than any other site.  I know there are dedicated lesfic review sites , yahoo groups, and discussion forums, but it’s very hard to get a critical review from many places.  So for me, amazon is as good a place as any because there are multiple reviews/comments in one spot for a book.  And I skip those 4/5 star rated reviews altogether. I want to read the 3 star and under, because those are the ones that are going to reveal the warts… From that, I can gauge whether it’s the kind of warts that are going to bug me or not.  I’ve even passed up free kindle books based on amazon reviews cuz it’s obvious that the writing quality on some of them are poor.

I’m playing along with the #followreader twitter chat (it should be recapped here for those coming in after the event today).  A number of folks are mentioning GoodReads as a place to get book reviews/comments from.    For kicks I looked up Wolfsbane Winter by Jane Fletcher (what I’m currently reading).  I see ratings but no comments.  hmm.  Same book on Amazon has multiple reviews, with details that so far match my own reading experience.

..think I’ll stick w/ Amazon.

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