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Books: Smooth like Buttah, or thick n meaty?

I’ve been contemplating which book to read next, and I come to my usual delilema – am I looking for an easy read that goes down smooth, or something with more meat to it that will take time to digest, chapter by chapter?

Most of the lesbian fiction I read falls in the easy read chapter (except for Sarah Waters and Laurie J Marks of course).  And the MZB Darkover books are fairly easy reads, but then there’s C. J. Cherryh, who’s seldom easy but always worth that extra effort. And I recently discovered Karen Traviss’ Wess’Har series, whichhas some nice meat to it.

Part of my dilema is that I don’t own the next book (chronologically) in the MZB series and it’s on my xmas wishlist.  So I hafta shift gears and either jump ahead, or start reading someone else from now till the holidays.

So… got any recommendations in either lesbian fiction or SF books?

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