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Finished CJ Cherryh’s Serpents Reach

Just finished Serpents Reach and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s an early part of her alliance-union universe, and one of the first I think to talk about betas and azi. For those unfamiliar, betas are specifically bred and psychologically adapted as high functioning people. The azi on the other hand, have more specialized psyche adaptations, and that’s where things get interesting. The author has always handled different cultures well, and thus the azi are believable as people and you find yourself wondering – is this good for the azi or not.

And it’s definitely not clear or straightforward, which is what I love about this author. Her work is balanced in ambiguity, the gray areas. It leaves you as the reader to really think and understand there is seldom a situation or person who is always right or good (or evil, ec).

Definite thumbs up for this book if you can find it!

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