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Finished reading Divergent

Just finished reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. It started a little slow but I got into it after a few chapters. It’s a YA fiction about a dystopian future. Society is split by factions based on dominant personality types – the thinkers, the selfless, the fearless, and the peace lovers. (the book has far better names but I don’t want to give too much away.

The MC has the typical issues of coming of age, but with a few twists. There is the expected angst of when a child realizes she is not the same kind of person as the rest of her family. Then there is the deeper angst – what if your differences go beyond the existing groups? What do you do then?

It’s a story that blends the need to fit in with the drive to be yourself, but in a society where differences can be deadly. It moves well, with a few unexpected twists. It is part of a trilogy, but I was fully satisfied by this first book.

If you like YA, this is a keeper. If you think YA lacks depth, give this one a try. It is an easy read, but a worthwhile one in my opinion.

(and m son’s opinion, who insisted I had to read it!)

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