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Slowly embracing ebooks

So a few months back, I treated myself to an ipad. Beyond the fun video apps, I downloaded the major ebook readers (kindle, nook, ibook,).  (Had one other but hated it so removed it).  Since then I’ve been gathering free ebooks whenever I can.  Amazon has a list for the top 100 free ebooks (lower right side) and I scan that for interesting stuff.  Barnes and Noble also has a list of free ebooks and both these lists include modern books that are temporarily free for promotional purposes.

By far the best source of freebies for me is the SF Signal blog. They seem to find a free SF ebook about once a month, so that’s enough to keep me going so far. It’s also enough to make me realize i’ll actually pay for an ebook sooner or later. I’m enjoying the experience, and I know Bedazzled Ink has some great lesbian (SF and other) ebooks at good prices. (Yep, I’m still hung up on the notion that ebooks should cost less than their print counterparts…)

So, have you tried ebooks yet?  Love ’em? Hate ’em? See no point? Won’t buy until you can sell back as used or lend them out?

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