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What helps and hurts the writing effort

I confess it’s been a long few years between books. Other than raising two teens to adults in the gaps, we’ve also had some serious medical conditions along the way. It’s given me some time to contemplate where my writing has been, the fits and starts of book releases, and in general, why do I keep writing?

Starting on where I’ve come from as a writer. I began with a few romance stories, which I enjoyed, but really, it’s the speculative works I read and enjoy writing right now. Times may change of course!

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I think part of any author’s journey is finding her specific niche – the place where her writing brings her the most satisfaction. For me, I think I’ve found that in the speculative fiction area.

Over the years, I’ve spent time where I wrote daily, and times where I didn’t even think about writing a word for months on end. Most of the not writing times were times of turmoil, which I think we all feel from time to time. What I found though is that even with months of nothing, my mind and heart always returned to the notion of storytelling. That is what keeps me coming back, that feeling of joy from finishing a scene, reading it back, and feeling a connection to those characters.

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The next area I’m investigating now is what is my natural writing length so to speak. I’ve written and published a few short stories over the years, which I do enjoy. I’ve also got five novels published now. What I’m considering next is delving into novella length stories. I think it matches my style well, and can keep readers engaged in a shorter, faster storytelling. Time will tell, eh?

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