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Analyzing fiction

I’ve been thinking about ways I can improve my writing. One thing I recall another author did was to sit down and deeply analyze a book or three from her favorite authors. This would involve not just plot, but characterization, pacing, theme, description, etc.

That’s something I’d like to do this year. But before I did into the full book deep dive, I want to try my own twist on that idea. I enjoy the kindle app on all my online toys. So combining the two, this is what I’m gonna try:

  1. pick an author

  2. download a sample chapter on kindle

  3. use highlights and notes to analyze description and characterization

  4. repeat for three other books (of different authors)

I hope to learn a few things with this approach. Not only get some ideas of how other authors start their stories, but learn from that, and learn how well kindle works as an analyzing tool. Could I then use it for a full book analysis? Would be easier than highlighting a paperback with markers 🙂

Anyway, starting out with one of Bujold’s Vorkosigan books. Will letcha know how it goes.

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