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Staying Motivated over the Summer (or not)

Summer must be the hardest time to stay focused and motivated on the writing. Between the warm (sometimes too warm) days and nights, and the kids out of school, what’s a writer to do?

I’d love to say I have words of wisdom here, but really, my word count is just limping along this summer. We started the season needing to redo acres of fencing to prepare for adding goats and cows to the ol homestead. Then it was super hot and humid.

And now? Now, I’ve just developed a habit of writerly laziness. A habit, folks, I hope to end here and now. We’ve got cool nights, a veg garden that’s already gone to weed, and no other prep work. So no excuses!

I need to start by boosting the word count again, getting back to opening up that writer laptop and cranking out some scenes. So by my next post, I want to finish a scene. Not a lofty goal, but it all starts with baby steps… And so, these are my baby steps this week.

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