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Contemplating NanoWriMo

It’s that time of year again, when writers around the globe roll up their sleeves, hide from their daily todo lists, and bury themselves in their current book/WIP.  Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month!

I’ve only really participated in it years back when I wrote the first draft for Lavender Secrets (and I was between jobs at the time!) but it was a real blast.  Since then, I haven’t had the time to really dedicate a month to writing (and the same lame excuse goes for this year), but I may use it as a motivational tool to get at least SOME writing done every day.

If you are contemplating it – I highly recommend Lynn Viehl’s series of blog posts on this topic.  She’s got some great links and is very supportive of writers (established and just starting out) who are giving NanoWriMo a go.  Follow along for great tips all month long.

And Good Luck!

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