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Who is my Favorite Character?

So which of my characters is my favorite? Is that like asking which child do I love best?

I guess for me, my favorite character tends to be the one I’m writing at the moment. The SF novel I just submitted includes two strong female main characters, but my favorite was Ayaan. I thing s pig part of this was because she allowed me to not only explore a new character, but also a new culture. She’s the first Novan I’ve written in the Terra/Nova series. It was quite a bit of fun to dig into her background. (Sacrifice, the flash fiction is based on that background investigation).

For published stories, Tori is my favorite so far. She has such a complex background and personality that it was just a blast to write her. Tori allowed me to explore what a troubled teen goes through, from alchohol to cutting, to finding her own place in the world, separate from her family. She appears in In Keisha’s Shadow, my Young Adult novel recently released.


All characters have their fun bits, but as a writer, I love the complex ones that let me explore something new.

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